It’s been over a year since I touched my blog and, even worse, since I did anything meaningful in the open source space. The last year has been and continues to be extremely hectic for me both inside and outside of work but I’m now hoping that the end of this year and the start of next year will bring some time for me to concentrate more on what I love doing, Code.

I’d wanted for some time now to refresh the look and feel of my personal site and blog. Problem is, I’ve not had the time to invest in creating something special and anything other than that I’d just never be happy with. Because of this I’ve decided to start fresh with this simple site and will be scrapping all of my old content. If you’re reading this having come here to find some of that old content then I apologise but the chances are that the code you came here looking for is still accessible on my Github page.

Anyway, there it is. You can expect to see some new posts and and hopefully some new code in the coming months.